British Book Illustration

Recorded at the opening reception of British Book Illustration, an exhibition held at The American Institute of Graphic Arts, New York, 1959. 
Exhibition organised by the Illustrators Group of the Society of Industrial Artists,
the Arts Council of Great Britain and The Folio Society, London.
Miss Kathleen Graham, her Majesty’s Deputy Consul General
Derrick Harris

Our Homes

Our Homes, a film strip, The Council of Industrial Design, 1946

OUR HOMES was the first of a series of fifteen-minute filmstrips that were produced by the Council of Industrial Design in 1946 as an educational tool for schools and institutes throughout Britain. The aim was to heighten peoples’ interest in the design of the things that they lived with and that were part of their day-to- day lives. This particular filmstrip was a general introduction to the social background of design throughout history and was first broadcast by the BBC 22nd April 1947. When shown publicly it would have been supplied as a 35 or 16 mm filmstrip together with an audio disc that would have been played simultaneously.